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Growling Old Men:

touring Europe Oct. 2021

The Growling Old Men is a trans-Atlantic string band collaboration, and a genuine celebration of tradition and experimentation. The band is based around the western American duo of Ben Winship (mandolin & vocals) and John Lowell (guitar & vocals) who have been touring and recording together since 1998. They sing like brothers and are both masters of their instruments, as well as well-respected songwriters. Their music is a collection of original and traditional bluegrass songs, ballads and tunes – informed equally by the Appalachian hills and the western plains.

The addition of German multiinstrumentalist Thomas Kaerner on upright bass not only adds depth to their music. Having worked for a variety of acoustic bands, this longtime experienced tour and session player will contribute tasteful basslines, precise harmonies and bluegrassy drive.

In concert the Growling Old Men are engaging and spontaneous. Their shows include a blend of well-rehearsed material and few new songs hot off the press – they like to walk the edge of improvisational risk taking.  They strive to contrast simplicity with complexity – all with good tone and a warm sense of humor.

Festivals, concerts and workshops have led these minstrels both near and far – from hometown cafes to A Prairie Home Companion, from Canada to the Shetland Islands. In 1998 the self-titled Growling Old Men was released, followed by Occupational Hazards in 2005 and Shuttle Diplomacy (featuring Leon Hunt) in 2008. Their newest CD, Chicken Feed and Baling Twine featuring the bass playing as well as the artwork of David Thompson has been released in Summer 2013.

For the upcoming tour they’ll bring three brand new solo CDs along, all of them published in 2019:

Toolshed (Ben Winship)

Acorns (Ben Winship)

This Long Stretch Of Gravel (John Lowell)