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On Tour: 09/26/2023 - 10/08/2023

Coppo - Kaerner - Lowell

You might have heard those three names before, especially if you have followed the Acoustic Music / Bluegrass Scene in the Northwestern US, or Italy, or Germany.

Acclaimed songwriter and flatpicking stylist, John Lowell has reached a legendary status among those who appreciate original, contemporary American folk music.  His personality shines through his music and his work on stage, making him someone everybody wants to get to know. A modern day troubadour, John Lowell has been a force and an honest voice in music for decades and he ain’t quit yet.

Born in 1958, Martino Coppo was drawn to American folk music at a very early age. He started on guitar (self-taught) at age 13 and towards the end of the 70’s he was playing both mandolin and guitar. It was at this time that he really became awestruck by the likes of Sam Bush and NGR, Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, David Grisman and Tony Rice.

With his band Red Wine he has been playing intensively in all of Italy, Europe, and the USA too.

Hailing from a small village in Bavaria, Thomas Kaerner is a multi-instrumentalist with decades of experience as a tour and session player in a variety of styles and bands, providing the foundation for the trio with his tasteful bass playing, as well as precise harmony vocals. With his creativity and deep understanding of music, his spirit and experience expands the horizons of any music lover.

What sounds like law firm (there is one lawyer among them, actually) is an international collaboration of three seasoned players, sharing a deep love for American Roots Music.

Different countries, different backgrounds, different accents cease to matter, when their instruments and voices blend together.


On Tour:  03/24/2023 - 10/08/2023

Paolo Bonfanti & Martino Coppo
(w/Thomas Kärner: Upright Bass)